50a 1p 1in Plug-On Circ Breakr

50a 1p 1in Plug-On Circ Breakr
50a 1p 1in Plug-On Circ Breakr
50a 1p 1in Plug-On Circ Breakr
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50a 1p 1in Plug-On Circ Breakr

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    • Product Overview
    • ANSI certified and UL listed
    • Compatible with Homeline series 4 and newer load centers only
    • Innovative neutral connection design leads to fewer connections and faster installation, no pigtails which frees up gutter space
    • Item weight: 0.16 ounces
    • 120 VAC

    Plug-on Neutral Dual Function Circuit Breaker is a space and labor saving device, engineered to meet prevailing National Electric Code requirements. This device combines two critical technologies; Combination Arc Fault protection and Ground Fault protection (class A), in a single, easy-to-install device. The National Electric Code now requires both Combination Arc Fault and Ground Fault protection on all 1-Pole, 15 Amp and 20 Amp kitchen and laundry circuits. Prior to the release of this new device, a contractor or homeowners only choice would have been to use a Combination Arc Fault circuit breaker in conjunction with an expensive, bulky Ground Fault receptacle. The new Dual Function circuit breakers help reduce cost and eliminate the hassle of using two separate devices to provide this essential protection. It's a win for contractors and homeowners alike


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