Oatey 39130 1/2" FIP ICE Maker Box, Brass

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Oatey 39130 1/2" FIP ICE Maker Box, Brass
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Oatey 39130 1/2" FIP ICE Maker Box, Brass

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    • Product Overview
    • 12K ice maker box with nails preloaded
    • Provides quick, safe water supply and shut-off for refrigerator ice maker and water dispenser
    • The I2K features pre-loaded nail brackets that can be secured directly to the stud without straps.
    • Its compact size makes it easy to keep your ice maker supply valve out of sight
    • Highlights include the customizable valve positioning system in the Quadtro washing machine outlet box; the direct nail-to-stud feature in the space-saving I2K ice maker supply box; or the configurable MODA system for kitchen, bath, gas, AAV or laundry water supply.

    Oatey 39130 1/2" FIP ICE MAKER BOX, Brass. r Oatey products can be found in residential and commercial applications and have achieved excellent brand name recognition with

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