US Gypsum 384211120 384211 Ez Sand 90 Joint Compound 18#, 18 Pounds

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US Gypsum 384211120 384211 Ez Sand 90 Joint Compound 18
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US Gypsum 384211120 384211 Ez Sand 90 Joint Compound 18#, 18 Pounds

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    • Product Overview
    • Lightweight Formula: Weighs 25% Less Than Conventional Setting-Type Joint Compounds. Handling And Application Is Simpler, Easier, And Faster
    • Easy Sanding: Unlike Conventional Setting-Type Joint Compounds, These Compounds Sand Easily—Similar To Ready-Mixed, All-Purpose Joint Compounds. Joint Finishing Is Faster, Easier, Smoother
    • Saves Time And Money: These Compounds Provide Important Labor And Material Cost Reductions
    • One-Day Finishing With Next-Day Decoration Ensures Rapid Job Completion And Earlier Occupancy, With Choice Of Setting Times Aids Work Flow
    • Quickly Mixed For Immediate Use: Easy To Mix—Simply Combine With Water And Stir. Compounds Are Applied After Short Soaking Period And Remixing
    • Resists Shrinkage And Edge-Cracking: Compounds Tolerate Small Amounts Of Excess Water That Would Otherwise Cause Delayed Shrinkage. Fill And Finish Coats Can Be Applied When Compound Is Hard—But Still Damp—With Minimum Danger Of Delayed Shrinkage And Cracking
    • Resists Humidity Changes: Setting Rates Are Virtually Unaffected By High Humidity Or Changes In Humidity
    • Application Can Be Made In Damp Weather When Drying-Type Compounds Would Delay Job Completion
    • Multiple Use: Compounds Are Also Excellent For Patching And Smoothing Interior Drywall And Concrete Surfaces Because They Provide Superior Bond, Low Shrinkage, And Fast Setting-Action

    Item Package Quantity:1 Sets in 85-130 minutes Ideal for heavy fills in
    gypsum/drywall interiors and exterior gypsum ceiling boards The compound is
    lightweight for easy handling and sands easily for fast, smooth finishing With
    its low shrinkage and superior bond, it is excellent for laminating drywall
    and patching plaster surfaces Weighs 25% less than conventional setting-type
    compounds Sanding ease similar to ready-mixed, all purpose joint compound
    Unique humidity resistant.


    Whether lawnmowers, snow blowers, push mowers, small engines, and more! Pick up and drop off available.

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