Restored Hyper Tough 20VMax 1-Hour Fast Dual Charger HT19-401-003-14 (Refurbished)

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Restored Hyper Tough 20VMax 1-Hour Fast Dual Charger HT19-401-003-14 (Refurbished)

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    • Product Overview
    • Long cord gives you the flexibility to place in various locations
    • Charge Indicator for each battery slot
    • Powers the HT Charge family of power and gardening tools?Same Battery, Choose Your Power
    • Standard chargers usually take 5-hours to fill up a battery
    • Only 1.1 lbs.
    • For use with Hyper Tough HT Charge 20VMax batteries
    • Dual ports allow 1 battery to be charged in as quickly as 1-hour, 2 batteries charge in 1.5 hours
    • Battery Charge Indicator Lights right on the face so you know when they?re ready to go
    • Factory Authorized Remanufactured using original parts and trained service technicians. Includes 6 month warranty
    • Refurbished by SJM Recommerce, an authorized refurbishing center for the Hyper Tough brands

    The Hyper Tough 20VMax 1-Hour Fast Dual Charger is for when you have a lot of work to get done and/or have a lot of tools to charge. You might think this is a luxury item, but if your time is valuable to you, it isn't. Most chargers fill up 1 battery at a time in about 5 hours. With the Fast Dual Charger, you can fill up 2 in an hour-and-a-half, or one in an hour. Do you have 5 to 10 hours to waste on a job if you've forgotten to charge a battery ahead of time Get the Fast Charger and get the work done, fast.

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