ALI INDUSTRIES 4250 Sandpaper-Sheets

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ALI INDUSTRIES 4250 Sandpaper-Sheets

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    • Product Overview
    • From The Brand Ali Industries 25 Count 9" X 11" 180 Grit Fine Sanding Screen
    • It is the ideal sand paper sheet for sanding and feathering drywall and preparing surfaces for painting.
    • The open mesh design on the sheet reduces clogging and allows dust and particles to easily pass through.
    • The dual side sheet can be turned over to have a new cutting surface
    • You can give the screen a longer lifetime by rinsing it gently

    The sanding screen is the ideal abrasive product to use to sand and feather drywall joint compounds and spackling to prepare wall surfaces for painting. It can also be used for scuffing painted walks before you repaint them. The screen is designed with an open mesh to allow dust and particles to pass through and reduce clogging. With its dual sided abrasive surfaces, you can turn the sheet over to have a new cutting surface. You can also rinse clean the screen to give the screen an even longer life.

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