Arnold First Fire FF-20 Spark Plug

Arnold First Fire FF-20 Spark Plug
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Arnold First Fire FF-20 Spark Plug

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    • Product Overview
    • Consistent starts, dependable performance, superior fouling resistance
    • Replaces Autolite 3924, 3926
    • Replaces Champion RC12YC, RC14YC; Replaces NGK BCP4ES-11, BKR4E, BKR4E-11, BKR4EIX, BKR5E, BKR5E-11, BKR5EIX, BKR5EK, BKR5ES, BKR5ES-11, BKR5EY-11, BKR5EYA, BKR5EYA-11, BKR6EKB-11, FR4, FR45, FR5

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