Cooper Bussman BP/T-6-1/4: Fusetron Plug Fuse

Cooper Bussman BP/T-6-1/4: Fusetron Plug Fuse
  • BP/T-6-1/4
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Cooper Bussman BP/T-6-1/4: Fusetron Plug Fuse

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    • Product Overview
    • Dual-element, time-delay, Edison base plug fuses
    • Used for air conditioners, furnace blower motors, swimming pool pumps, deep freezers or any circuit where motors frequently turn ON and OFF
    • Provides superior protection that will resist nuisance openings under repeated motor startups
    • Easy to install
    • Durable and long lasting

    Size:6-1/4 Amp  The EATON's Cooper Bussmann brand is the

    industry standard for circuit protection on more than 50,000 SKUs of

    electrical and electronic fuses, fuse holders, power distribution blocks as

    well as engineering, training and testing services. EATON's Cooper Bussmann is

    the leading source of circuit protection solutions in the global marketplace.

    Its solutions are listed for use around the world including meeting agency

    requirements with UL€CE€CSA€IEC€BS€VDE€SEMKO, and JIS. Worldwide, EATON's

    Bussmann (Cooper Bussmann) employs more than 5,000 electrical, mechanical, and

    applications engineers, along with manufacturing, and support personnel-all of

    whom are poised to service your local needs. Bussmann is headquartered in

    Shanghai, China, has marketing, sales, technical support, production

    departments and other operations. We offer fast and timely service to China

    along with the whole Asia customers.  It's like two fuses in one.

    Features include a simple link element for short-circuits and dangerous

    overloads, plus a series-connected element which lets the harmless overload

    starting currents of motors pass without opening. It uses less energy,

    operates cooler, and provides superior protection. This is an Edison base, 6.6

    amp plug. UL listed. Bussmann is North America's leading supplier of fuses and

    fusible protection systems. You can be assured of the utmost quality in every

    Bussman product.

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