CUB CADET 19A30038100 FastAttach Front Brush Guard for GT XT1 XT2 50 SLX54 SLX50

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CUB CADET 19A30038100 FastAttach Front Brush Guard for GT XT1 XT2 50 SLX54 SLX50

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  • Product Overview
  • Does not interfer with Opening and closing the hood
  • Protects your tractor's front end
  • Genuine OEM CUB CADET Part Number 19A30038100
  • Durable steel and poly design adds style your Enduro Series tractor
  • No tools required with FastAttach
  • FITS MODELS: XT1-GT 50, XT1-GT50, XT1-GT54 FAB, XT1-LT42, XT1-LT42 C, XT1-LT42 E, XT1-LT42E Lithium Ion, XT1-LT46, XT1-LT46 FAB, XT1-LT50, XT1-LT50 FAB, XT1-LT54, XT1-LT54 FAB, XT1-ST54 FAB, XT2-GX50 FAB
  • ALSO FITS: XT2-GX54 FAB, XT2-GX54D FAB, XT2-LX42, XT2-LX42 FAB, XT2-LX46, XT2-LX46 FAB, XT2-LX46 LE FAB, XT2-LX50, XT2-LX54, XT2-LX54 FAB, XT2-SLX50, XT2-SLX50 FAB, XT2-SLX54 FAB, XT2-ST54 FAB

Add versatility to your XT Enduro Series tractor with the FastAttach Connection System. Simply align, latch and lock. No tools required!

Front Brush Guard specifically designed to fit XT1 and XT2 Enduro Series lawn tractors. (19A30038100)

Known Fitment Compatibility:

  • XT1-GT 50

  • XT1-GT50

  • XT1-GT54 FAB

  • XT1-LT42

  • XT1-LT42 C

  • XT1-LT42 E

  • XT1-LT42E Lithium Ion

  • XT1-LT46

  • XT1-LT46 FAB

  • XT1-LT50

  • XT1-LT50 FAB

  • XT1-LT54

  • XT1-LT54 FAB

  • XT1-ST54 FAB

  • XT2-GX50 FAB

  • XT2-GX54 FAB

  • XT2-GX54D FAB

  • XT2-LX42

  • XT2-LX42 FAB

  • XT2-LX46

  • XT2-LX46 FAB

  • XT2-LX46 LE FAB

  • XT2-LX50

  • XT2-LX54

  • XT2-LX54 FAB

  • XT2-SLX50

  • XT2-SLX50 FAB

  • XT2-SLX54 FAB

  • XT2-ST54 FAB

Please Refer to Owners Manual for Compatibility Verification

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