DEWALT 190612 2 gal. Manual Pump Sprayer

DEWALT 190612 2 gal. Manual Pump Sprayer
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DEWALT 190612 2 gal. Manual Pump Sprayer

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    • Product Overview
    • Teardrop shaped tank is wider at the base for increased stability and a built-in tray for nozzle protection and drip control
    • 48 in. heavy-duty nylon-reinforced hose and strain relief system preventing the hose from kinking at the chemical exit point
    • 21 in. poly-lined, heavy-duty, non-corrosive stainless-steel wand, which is 4X stronger than poly material
    • Chemically resistant Viton seals throughout the sprayer to withstand the harshest chemicals
    • Multiple nozzle tips for ultimate versatility in both application rates and patterns
    • Pressure release valve (PRV) allows the user to safely release built-up pressure after use

    The DEWALT 2 Gal. manual pump sprayer was built to get the job done.  Whether it's for weeding and feeding, disinfecting, finishing concrete,  eliminating mold or controlling pests - users are equipped for the job.  It's Guaranteed Tough.