Hamilton Beach PrimePour Cocktails-On-Tap Cocktail Dispenser COT2000

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Hamilton Beach PrimePour Cocktails-On-Tap Cocktail Dispenser COT2000

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    • Product Overview
    • Easily make 5-7 complex cocktails per minute
    • Increased consistency means better portion and quality control
    • Tap tower clamp fits countertops less than 3 3/4" thick
    • Spirit level window makes monitoring your bottle contents a breeze
    • Powered by CO2; no electricity required

    Quickly and consistently serve up delicious, complex cocktails in a unique way that's sure to have customers buzzing with this Hamilton Beach COT2000 PrimePour Cocktails-On-Tap cocktail dispenser! With the simple pull of a tap handle, this revolutionary dispenser blends spirits and cocktail mixes to deliver customers a perfectly balanced cocktail every time, regardless of who's bartending. Additionally, this automatic cocktail dispenser eliminates the need for measuring out multiple ingredients with jiggers, allowing you to serve an impressive 5-7 cocktails per minute vs. the standard 1 per minute!

    Whether you want to boost the cocktail service at your restaurant, bar, stadium, or catered events, every facet of this cocktail dispenser is designed with ease of use in mind! The spirit to mix ratio is fixed at 3:1 and requires no adjustment, providing a consistent taste profile while saving you money by preventing overpour. It holds three 1 liter or 750 mL bottles in a tray that slides out for quick bottle replacement, while the integrated spirit level window makes monitoring bottle contents a breeze.

    This dispenser is also very easy to install! Its small footprint allows the base to fit easily under your bar, while the tap platform slides onto the bartop with no mounting hardware required. Powered by CO2 and requiring no electricity, the included 8' hose easily attaches from the tap to the base unit and you're ready to pour. The compatible 3 gallon BIBs include Lyons 4847 margarita, 4848 lemonade, and 4849 hurricane punch.

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