Reflectix DW1202504 Spiral Duct Wrap

Reflectix DW1202504 Spiral Duct Wrap
Reflectix DW1202504 Spiral Duct Wrap
Reflectix DW1202504 Spiral Duct Wrap
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Reflectix DW1202504 Spiral Duct Wrap

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    • Product Overview
    • A thermal benefit of R-4.2 is gained when installed directly to the duct
    • The Reflectix Spiral Duct Insulation consists of two highly reflective layers of film (96-percent reflectivity)
    • Two inner layers of insulating bubbles resist conductive heat flow while a center layer of polyethylene give our product high reliability and strength (nominal thickness 5/16-Inch)
    • The product is an ideal alternative to other types of fibrous insulation products
    • Ease of handling and quick installation make our Duct Insulation the first choice for insulating round or rectangular ductwork

    12" x 25', standard edge spiral duct wrap reflective insulation, foil both sides, reduces heat loss, simply spiral wrap around pipes lapping 1/2", secure with tape, R-value 4.0. From the Manufacturer Energy costs can be greatly reduced by wrapping ducts with Reflectix virtually eliminating unnecessary heat loss, gain and air leakage.

    • 12 X 25 ¬†¬†
    • Fiber Free¬†
    • Reflects 97% Of Radian Energy¬†
    • Non-Toxic And Non- Carcinogenic¬†
    • Reduces Heating And Cooling Costs¬†
    • Environmentally Safe¬†
    • Lightweight And Clean¬†
    • Not Affected By Moisture Or Humidity¬†
    • No Nesting Characteristics For Birds, Insects Or Rodents¬†
    • Resists Growth Of Fungi, Mold And Mildew¬†
    • Brown¬†
    • R-4.0-Fiber Free -Easy To Handle And Install¬†
    • Inibits Condesation¬†
    • When Properly Sealed, Reduces Duct Air Leakage¬†
    • Class4-Class1 Fire Rating


    Whether lawnmowers, snow blowers, push mowers, small engines, and more! Pick up and drop off available.

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