Rejuvenate Dual System Outdoor Window Cleaner & House Siding Cleaner with Hose-End Attachment

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Rejuvenate Dual System Outdoor Window Cleaner & House Siding Cleaner with Hose-End Attachment

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  • 3000 Sq. Ft. of cleaning solutions in a cutting-edge hose-end sprayer that includes two concentrated cleaning solutions in coupled bottles makes outdoor cleaning effortless
  • Effective for plants and grass, this astonishing sprayer is a vinyl siding cleaner and a house siding cleaner for painted surfaces and windows on the second floor with no need to ascend a ladder
  • Always wash walls first and then windows. For tuff stuck on grime agitate with a brush and repeat the steps again.
  • After rinsing your walls and windows, start washing by turning the nozzle from Rinse to Chemical 1 or Chemical 2 then back to Rinse.
  • Proudly Made in America

Satisfaction for a job well done is only a hose connection away. Rejuvenate’s
Outdoor MULTI-Surface House Wash and Window Cleaner is a concentrated formula
that instantly removes stains dirt, grime, bird droppings and salt from
outdoor windows and siding without any hard scrubbing. To do multiple jobs at
once has never been this easy. You’ll look back and ask yourself, how I clean
so much, so fast, without hard scrubbing? Not getting on a ladder definitely
speeds up the job. The process is also quick just; rinse, spray on formula,
wait two minutes and rinse. Repeat as needed or scrub to agitate areas with
layers of caked on dirt need a little boost to wash away. The best way to wash
windows starts with avoiding a ladder and using Rejuvenate’s patent pending
sprayer to clean up to 40 feet high. It removes dirt, pollen, salt residue and
other stuck on messes and leaves behind a streak-free shine. It’s a non-toxic
formula and is safe to use on vinyl siding, wood siding, brick, stucco,
painted walls and exterior window cleaning. Reveal the beauty of crystal clear
windows in minutes This outdoor window cleaner and house cleaner is GREENGUARD
certified, sustainable, non-toxic, and is safe to use near plants and grass.
Made in the USA.
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