Restored HART 10-Inch Contour Gauge (Refurbished)

  • HHMLG01-RM
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Restored HART 10-Inch Contour Gauge (Refurbished)

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  • Product Overview
  • 10” length, 4" width and 0.25" height
  • Matches the contour of larger areas
  • For marking precise cutouts in vinyl, wood, porcelain & ceramic tiles
  • Durable plastic teeth
  • Factory Authorized Remanufactured using original parts and trained service technicians. Includes 6 month warranty
  • Refurbished by SJM Recommerce, an authorized refurbishing center for the HART brands

If you plan on installing flooring in an area surrounded by stairs, plumbing or any irregular shape then HART's 10" Contour Gauge will come in handy. It allows you to easily copy shapes to tile, laminate, wood and vinyl flooring to precisely cut material to match oddly shaped objects. Recording the exact shape helps you make the perfect cut, which will result in a more professional looking finish. This contour gauge consists of a set of durable plastic teeth tightly assembled against each other in a frame. The frame allows the teeth to move or slide when pressing on them horizontally against an object to capture the shape. After you do that just trace the shape and you've got a precise template to work with. The tool is 10" length, 4" width and 0.25" height. Eliminate the frustration and guesswork of irregular shape dimensions with HART's Contour Gauge.

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