Restored Scratch and Dent Worx 20V GT 3.0 (1) Battery & Charger Included (Refurbished)

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Restored Scratch and Dent Worx 20V GT 3.0 (1) Battery & Charger Included (Refurbished)

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    • Product Overview
    • [2-TOOLS-IN-1] Get all your edging and trimming done with just one tool. Save yourself the expense of buying a separate edger
    • [CONVERTS QUICKLY] Just pull the head away from the shaft and twist to switch it from a trimmer into an edgerit only takes a few seconds
    • [SAME BATTERY, EXPANDABLE POWER] The same battery powers over 75plus 20V, 40V, and 80V lifestyle, garden, and power tools in the Power Share family
    • [PUSH-BUTTON SPOOL SYSTEM] Command Feed is our on-demand line delivery technology. No bumping or auto-feed that relies on a timer. When you need fresh line, just push the button
    • [GET AT HARD-TO-REACH AREAS] The head pivots 90 so you can reach under and around shrubs and landscaping, or trim on sloped land
    • [EXTENDABLE SHAFT] It telescopes out for taller users, and slides back in. This also makes it easy to store
    • [MULTI-POSITION HANDLE] So you can get a comfortable grip. It also enables you to gain leverage when you have to bend down low
    • [INCLUDES] 20V Grass Trimmer and Edger, 20V 2.0ah Battery, 2A Charger, Spool, Edger Wheels
    • Scratch and Dent Tested and Recertified in Sealed Carton | 90 Day Warranty | 30 day refunds if defective
    • Refurbished by SJM Recommerce, an authorized refurbishing center for the Worx brands

    A modern twist on a classic chore, the Worx 12†– 20V Grass Trimmer and Edger
    saves you time and money. Switch modes in seconds, so you don’t have to walk
    back to the garage to grab a separate edger—don’t even buy a separate edger in
    the first place! Now that you’ve got this 2-in-1, you don’t have to. Twin
    rubber edging wheels will help make your lines straight and smooth, and allow
    you to push along easier. The adjustable flower guard keeps plants and lawn
    ornaments safe. Get right up close without worrying about accidentally cutting
    anything valuable. The 12†cutting diameter is large enough for wide, sweeping
    passes over larger patches of grass, but narrow enough to make it maneuverable
    around landscaping features. And the DNA2 DoubleHelix string we use in our
    trimmers is specially engineered to reduce drag and withstand snapping, so it
    spins faster with less strain on the motor and absolutely tears through grass
    for a clean, professional look. At only 5.3 lbs with the battery attached,
    it’s easy and comfortable to use for long stretches. And without a cord to get
    caught on, you’re free to roam all over the yard. Battery-powered lawn &
    garden tools are quieter, cleaner, and more cost-effective than gas. This
    powerful, modern trimmer & edger has everything you need to get a lawn with a
    professionally-landscaped look.
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