Restored Scratch and Dent Worx WX027L 20V Power Share Multi-Function LED Flashlight (Refurbished)

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Restored Scratch and Dent Worx WX027L 20V Power Share Multi-Function LED Flashlight (Refurbished)

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    • Product Overview
    • [4 LIGHTS IN ONE] LED flashlight, 360-degree lantern, desk lamp with Hi and Lo settings, and an emergency light. Its a handy everyday light, great for the trunk or the toolbox
    • [TELESCOPING DESIGN] Plus a flexible hinge, so you can pull it out and up and around to illuminate from multiple angles. Then collapse it back down for easy storage
    • [DO IT ALL WITH THE SAME BATTERY] Worx Power Share is compatible with all Worx 20v and 40v tools, outdoor power and lifestyle products
    • [EASILY SWITCH BETWEEN FUNCTIONS] Just toggle through modes by pressing the button. Turn it on or off by pressing and holding that button in any mode
    • [CARRY LANYARD & HOOK] Wear it around your wrist or attach it to a bag. Perfect for any situation you want to keep illuminated
    • [50,000 HOURS OF BURN TIME] While the light isnt replaceable, 50,000 hours of burn time will last years. If you used it for 4 hours a day, that comes out to approximately 34 years
    • [LIGHTWEIGHT & POWERFUL] Its only 1.72 lbs., but almost 15 tall when fully extended and 10 collapsed. Its a lot of illumination, yet light enough to wear or carry or throw in a bag and barely notice until you need it
    • [INCLUDES] 20V LED Flashlight, 20V 1.5Ah Battery, 5-Hour Charger
    • Scratch and Dent Tested and Recertified in Sealed Carton | 90 Day Warranty | 30 day refunds if defective
    • Refurbished by SJM Recommerce, an authorized refurbishing center for the Worx brands

    The average flashlight emits about 100 lumens of light. The Worx 20V Multi-
    Function LED Light pumps out 450 lumens in lantern mode. So it’s anything but
    an average flashlight, both in performance and functionality. It’s actually
    about 5 or 6 times better than the average. Besides lantern and flashlight
    mode, it’s also an emergency strobe light, so you can signal assistance on the
    road or in the water. It’s a desk lamp with an energy-saving Lo setting for
    reading, or a 420 lumen Hi setting so everyone can see blueprints or whatnot
    around the table. And the attached lanyard lets you hang it from just about
    anything, so it’s also a powerful hanging lamp. The head pivots 70 so you can
    position the light right where you need it. And the beam provides 265 feet of
    useful range in flashlight mode. The ultra-efficient LED lamp has a burn time
    of 50,000 hours, so you’re going to be using this light for a while (it will
    last for decades with regular use). It only weighs 1.72 lbs, so it’s a lot of
    functionality in a lightweight package. And it’ll run for 8 hours as a
    lantern, or 18 as a flashlight, on just one charge. Speaking of which, this
    model comes with a 20V 1.5 Ah Power Share battery and charger that you can use
    to operate any tool in the Power Share family. Keep it in the car or the boat,
    your bag or your toolbox, the garage or up at the cabin, you’ll always have
    light with the 20V Multi-Function LED Light, and a lot of it.
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