Snow + Sun Joe 24 Volt Bundle (2) 4.0-Ah Batts and Dual Quick Charger (Open Box)

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Snow + Sun Joe 24 Volt Bundle (2) 4.0-Ah Batts and Dual Quick Charger (Open Box)

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    • 24VBAT-4AH - Snow Joe CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC 24-Volt* Lithium-ION Battery (2 Included)
    • CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC: Official Snow Joe + Sun Joe battery with valid markings of authenticity. Use of non-authentic accessories with your Snow Joe + Sun Joe tool will void your tool’s warranty.
    • 24V* EXCLUSIVE ECOSHARP® LITHIUM-ION TECHNOLOGY: High capacity cells with no-fade power, ensuring maximum job performance
    • CORD-FREE OPERATION: No need for gas, oil, tune-ups, pull-cords, or tangled extension cords!
    • ECO-FRIENDLY: Produces zero emissions, contributing to cleaner air
    • RELIABLE PERFORMANCE: 4.0 Ah performance
    • 24-VOLT* MAX LITHIUM-ION QUICK CHARGER: Rapid charging technology to keep your tools powered up
    • NO MEMORY EFFECT: Enables you to charge whenever you want without having to drain the battery or wait for full charge before use
    • INITIAL NO-LOAD VOLTAGE, PEAKS AT 24 VOLTS: When fully charged, the initial no-load voltage peaks at 24 volts; nominal voltage under typical load is 21.6 volts
    • THERMAL, OVER-VOLTAGE, OVER-CURRENT CIRCUIT PROTECTION: Built-in safeguards to prevent overheating and electrical overloads
    • BUILT-IN BATTERY STATUS INDICATOR: Helps you monitor battery levels easily
    • WEIGHT: A mere 1.5 lbs, for easy handling and transport
    • FOR USE WITH ALL SNOW JOE AND SUN JOE CORDLESS 24V* IONMAX MODELS: Broad compatibility with the range of Snow Joe and Sun Joe products
    • Factory Authorized Remanufactured using original parts and trained service technicians. Includes 1 Year warranty
    • Refurbished by SJM Recommerce, an authorized refurbishing center for the Snow Joe, Sun Joe, and Aqua Joe brands

    24VBAT - Snow Joe CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC 4AH 24-Volt* Lithium-ION Battery (2 Included)

    Power your cordless iON tools the eco-friendly way with the 24-volt* IONMAX 24VBAT-4AH lithium-ion battery. Compatible with all Snow Joe + Sun Joe 24V* IONMAX models, the 24VBAT features high capacity 4.0 Ah lithium-ion cells that deliver no-fade power for maximum job performance.

    Simply insert IONMAX into your 24-volt* tool of choice and power up instantly without having to mess with gas, oil, pull-cords, or tangled extension cords! Breathe easily and confidently while working with your 24VBAT-4AH since rechargeable battery pack provides cleaner, emission-free air during operation. Although run-times will vary depending on the tool used and the job performed, IONMAX charges up for the task in just 80 minutes max.

    The fuel gauge indicator lights on IONMAX will also let you easily monitor your battery’s charge capacity while it is in use. When it is time to charge, simply slide the 24VBAT-LTE into its dedicated 24VCHRG-AC or 24VCHRG-QC charger. The 24VBAT-4AHholds its charge well in storage and will retain up to 65% charge for six months.

    Easy, convenient, reliable, and super-lightweight (only 1 lbs!), the 24-volt* IONMAX 24VBAT-4AH is the smart way to battery pack for your power trip. This kit includes two, ideal for giving you an extra battery to use while you charge or powering an IONMAX tool that requires two batteries.

    24VCHRG-DPC - Snow Joe + Sun Joe CERTIFIED AUTHENTIC 24-Volt* Dual Port Charger

    DOUBLE DUTY! Boost two batteries in less time with the 24VCHRG-DPC 24-Volt* Dual-Port Charger! Designed to work exclusively with Snow Joe + Sun Joe IONMAX 24-Volt* lithium-ion batteries, 24VCHRG-DPC charges up to two rechargeable IONMAX batteries in just 2.5 hours max. No more juggling two batteries on one charger - insert both and get back to business in less time! Equipped with thermal, over-voltage, and over-current circuit protection, 24VCHRG-DPC safely charges and recharges your IONMAX batteries without risk of battery damage. Cut the Cord: charge up and work anywhere power is at a premium with the cordless convenience only a Snow Joe + Sun Joe dual port charger can provide!

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